Originally from San Francisco Ursula has spent much of her adult life abroad, in Italy, England and Scotland. Initially graduating in liberal arts from Bennington College in 2000 with a focus on Painting and Illustration, she then began working as an artist and children’s book illustrator. Alongside her art, she has taught children of various ages within the context of a Steiner Waldorf educational approach. She has most recently returned to focus more directly on her artistic practice and has just now completed her MA at Gray’s School of Art with Distinction.

During her practice-based MA, she explored new techniques and conducted research into various fields of study including art, philosophy and psychology. Subjective awareness of the creative process led to a sequential research which wove through an exploration of colour to line via experimentation, and subsequently to the ideology behind improvisational methodologies, creativity, failure, intuition and contextuality. The outcome of this time culminated in various small and large oil paintings focusing on colour and form, as well as a more relational series which touched on sociopolitical issues in current new articles.

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Email: ursulamathers@yahoo.com